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You're a business owner (or looking to become one) who KNOWS she's meant for more and are ready to make it happen. It's time for you to:

  • Start making a consistent 4-figure or 5-figure monthly income as business owner
  • Learn how to make great money and attract clients on auto-pilot so that you can stop worrying & start living
  • Make MORE money while working LESS
  • Finally experience the BIG success you envisioned when you first started your business
  • Step powerully into your next level of wealth, even if you're already earning consistent income whie being your own boss

In this free online 5-day livestream event, I'll share:

  • What the top income-earning entrepreneurs & business owners are REALLY doing to make a lot MORE money with LESS time & effort (so that you can start implementing it & making more ASAP)
  • Why working harder in your business is NOT the key to earning more
  • The KEY component to attracting more clients, customers and income that has nothing to do with your marketing strategy
  • The smallest (but most effective) shift you can make in your money-making efforts that will catapult you to 6-figure success
  • Why success & financial abundance seems to come so easily to some people (while you're working your ass off for every dollar you make)
  • Why it feels like no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to get ahead financially (and how to end this vicious cycle once and for all)
  • How to start making more money than you ever dreamed was possible for you-- it's time to start LIVING

During our 5 days together, you'll get:

  • Live daily trainings that will give you the insights and breakthroughs you need to start making MORE money NOW
  • Access to the replays for a week following in case you're unable to join us live
  • A chance to ask any money-making questions you may have so that you can break through to your next level (or 10) of earning potential as a business owner
  • A daily challenge and actionable step to take to ensure you get most out of the livestream material and start hitting your income goals, PRONTO

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Meet Lauren

With Lauren Saunders

Lauren Saunders is a mindset & success coach who helps ambitious business owners & entrepreneurs manifest more money, purpose and freedom in their lives and businesses by combining proven strategies with an aligned and empowered mindset.

In June of 2017, Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher to build a coaching business that has since allowed her to travel the world while working her business from anywhere. Implementing the money-making strategies that Lauren will share during this free livestream series have enabled her to go full-time doing work she loves while experiencing her first $10K, $15K and 18K months as a business owner and entrepreneur. Now, she's endeavouring to help others do the same by gaining the tools they need to live a life of purpose, freedom and financial abundance.

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram @laurencsaunders or listen to The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes for tips on marketing, mindset & alignment for heart-driven entrepreneurs.