What I'd Do Differently

If I Could Start My 6-Figure Online Business All Over Again


The trainings will take place daily starting Monday, Nov. 18th to Friday, Nov. 22nd at 10AM EST. Can't catch it live? No worries. Replays will be up following the training.

You're ready for the freedom that comes from building a successful online business. 

REAL TALK? I made alllll of the big, costly, frustrating mistakes on my way to 6-figures, so that you don't have to. Here's what we'll cover together inside the 5-day training:

  • The top 5 biggest MISTAKES I made in starting & growing my online business that cost me time, money & a ton of frustration-- and how changing these 5 things would have propelled my success forward in a fraction of the time
  • The #1 daily activity you must prioritize to attract results in your business in as little time as possible (and no, it's not a 'proven' marketing strategy or building a massive audience)
  • How to create content (e-courses, programs, resources, videos and more) that people go crazy for-- both because there's a need for it, and because you BELIEVE they will
  • The key to growing an engaged online audience who can't wait to buy from you and support your business for years to come
  • How to create & market your products & services so that they stand out from the crowd, speak to your target market and sell like hot coffee on a cold day
  • The #1 mistake I made that kept me spinning my wheels (and burning my money) for months and months (most business owners are doing this and it's costing them their big results)
  • The easy and crucial shift I made in how I approached my biz that had me go from $1,000/month to my first $15,000 month almost overnight
  • The key to unlocking YOUR success that I wish a younger version of me along with every other entrepreneur knew & used

Join the training & learn the 5 little-known keys to a 6-figure online biz

Meet Lauren

Hey beauty! I'm Lauren-- a mindset & marketing coach for ambitious online entrepreneurs who desire a life of purpose, time and financial freedom by combining proven strategies with an aligned and empowered mindset.  

In June of 2017, I left my career as a high school art teacher to build a coaching business that has since allowed me to travel the world while working my business from anywhere. Implementing the money-making strategies and insights that I will share during this free livestream series, has enabled me to go full-time doing work I love while experiencing my first $10K, $15K and 22K months as a business owner and entrepreneur. Now, I help other online business owners (content-creators, influencers, authors, coaches & consultants) do the same by gaining the tools they need to live a life of purpose, freedom and financial abundance.

You can connect with me on Instagram @laurencsaunders, inside the Queen Mind Tribe Facebook group, or by listening to The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes for success tips on marketing & mindset for modern entrepreneurs.