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How to Execute a 5-Figure Program or Course Launch

The KEY mindset & marketing strategies you need to implement for success

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In this free 2-day livestream training, I'll share with you:

  • The exact action-steps and launch strategy I implement to achieve a $15,000 program launch
  • The mindset shift you NEED to make in order to *actually* see the results you desire (instead of accidentally blocking them)
  • How to set yourself up for success from DAY 1 by building a program that you feel confident in (and why confidence is your success 'secret sauce'!)
  • How to allow your thoughts and energy to do a TON of the work for you (instead of trying to hustle & grind your way to success)
  • How to move powerfully towards realizing your income goals despite the fear that no one will sign up
  • The two reasons why your past launch attempts have fallen short of creating the results you were hoping for

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Meet Lauren

With Lauren Saunders

Lauren Saunders is a marketing strategist and mindset coach who helps ambitious online entrepreneurs manifest more money, purpose and freedom in their lives and businesses by combining proven strategies with an aligned and empowered mindset.  

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram @laurencsaunders or on her Podcast, The Aligned Entrepreneur.